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Domestic game needs more IRFU funding

Frank Quinn

By Frank Quinn (pictured)
ACCORDING to the recent IRFU annual report, Munster Rugby is the only province showing a loan for the last few years. Under the column, Fixed Financial Assets, 100m, it lists “Loan to Munster Branch €9.6m.” (Not including Thomond Park).
The report shows a healthy surplus of €8.6m.
Total income was €74m, increase of €4m _ 5.7% (representative matches €70.2 + other income €3.8). The surplus was €8.6m and total expenditure was €65.5M.
Expenditure details:
Professional Game, cost € 32.4m = 50% of expenditure.
Elite player development, also professionals, €6m + 9%
Total €38.4m, 59% of total Expenditure. For Elite and professional game
Domestic and community, €8.8m = 13.4% of expenditure.
The 2007 figure was €9.2 M = 20% of income of €50m.
The figure is static but the % of the total expenditure is way down. (There was a verbal report of putting 4m of the Surplus into domestic and Community rugby at the AGM)
( Or €3.2 m to the provinces was mentioned. To keep players at home?
(Better solution _ Editor) Give to Domestic rugby instead and let market forces do the
rest for the players _ Better offers _ travel)
Other Expenditure:
Grounds cost inc. by 10% to €3.3m.
Admin by 9% to €5.5m.
Amortisation was the same @ €5.9m.
Fixed Assets 100m, Joint venture 81m, Aviva.
Annual rent New Stadium Ltd €750,000, 99 years.
Annual Rent Thomond Park €9,600, 55 years.
On page 37 of the report the Thomond Park loan from IRFU stood at €33.4 M in 2014. It
disappeared for 2015 and was not under the heading of “other loans.”
Breakdown: Representative matches income of 70m (all on back of international team?)
International rugby income 37m
Commercial income 8.6m
Deferred ticket income 15m
Provincial competition income 9.7 m
Govt grants €2.6m
Irish sports council Grant €2.2m
Breakdowns, major costs
Player and management costs €28.4m (under Pro game costs)
Womens teams €1.8m
Academies 1.8m
U20 €0.5m
Breakdown Community /Domestic Expenses
YDU / provincial staff 2.7m
General development salaries €578,000
Clubs & Schools support €1.4m
Referees €545,000
Community rugby & other €1.7M
IRFU Salaries & Pensions 2.74m
Total admin and Overheads 5.6m _ inc above
Fixed financial assets €100m.
Loan to Munster Branch €9.6m = Not including Thomond Park. It is the only province showing a loan for the last few years

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