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It’s remote training sessions as Munster’s squads combat the virus

THERE is no lazing around for the athletes of Munster’s rugby players. Head of Athletic Performance Denis Logan and Lead Academy Development Athletic Coach Ged McNamara are on their case and the squad commenced their remote training programme this week. Both seniors and academy members have been assigned their respective programmes set out by the coaching staff.

In terms of equipment, plans have been put in place to facilitate players for their individual requirements with the distribution of equipment from the HPC taking place earlier today. Monitoring will continue with daily access and communication made possible using platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Hudl. The medical department continue to manage the rehabilitating players with remote programmes and reviews, and for those requiring closer attention, the medical staff are equipped to manage same.

In maintaining an elite high-performance environment whilst off-site, the players have been set goals accordingly with the focus as always on achieving the targets. The collaboration between all departments will continue in ensuring players receive the best care and remain engaged as they maintain levels of fitness and conditioning, follow nutritional plans, and continue with skill and rugby development over the next period.

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