Limerick Rugby
Don't Miss celebrates ten years of local rugby coverage

IT’S been a long journey but an enjoyable one.
Last week this site celebrated its tenth successive year. It was first activated a few minutes after that famous Ronan O’Gara drop goal in Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium on Saturday, March 21, 2009 that gave Ireland their long-awaited Guinness Six Nations grand slam.
Since then our journey has had its twists and turns, highs and lows but not once has it been boring. In fact, has made a significant contribution to rugby coverage in this region. It’s content has been consistent, accurate and unapologetically supportive of Limerick rugby. It covers all aspects of rugby: national, provincial, club and schools games and is currently the only local outlet to provide extensive weekly reports on the five Limerick junior teams who play in the junior competitions.
Most of all it has been a labour of love and the decade has flown-by almost unnoticed. Thanks to the club press officers, contributors and followers whose support is very much appreciated; photographer Joe Buckley and especially Dublin-based rugby journalist Frank Quinn who continues to add to the substance of the site through his contributions.
Over this past ten years has been self-supportive but over the coming weeks an effort will be made to ensure its continuation through outside support. For this site survival is the priority, profit is certainly not.
Aidan Corr,

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