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Old Crescent secure their home ground

IN the most exciting development since the Club moved to Rosbrien over 35 years ago, Old Crescent RFC is purchasing land adjoining it’s club grounds which will see the club grounds double in size, securing the future of rugby at Rosbrien for current
and future generations.
The existing club grounds are at full capacity and the new land will enable the development of extra pitches and other facilities to cater for the growing popularity of adult and youth rugby as well as tag rugby at Old Crescent, and for the expansion of major club events such as the annual Pig n Porter Tag Rugby Festival.
The club has begun a major fundraising drive and has issued a world­wide appeal to Old Crescent members and supporters, past and present to fund the land purchase.
The IRFU is fully behind the project and has approved financial support for the land purchase. The Club has also been approved for tax relief on donations by the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport and the Revenue Commissioners.
Announcing the land purchase, Ger McNamara, President of Old Crescent RFC, said: “We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure the future of Old Crescent at Rosbrien. We cannot accommodate the numbers we have playing on our pitches
and, without this land, any expansion of the Club might have to be elsewhere and not at our spiritual home in Rosbrien”.
Calling on all members and friends of Old Crescent to support the land purchase, the Club President added: “The land purchase will safeguard our future at Rosbrien for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and will ensure that Old Crescent RFC continues to play an active part in the sporting life of our city, and in the Irish rugby community for generations to come”.
With the land purchase the main focus of the Club off the field, on the field Old Crescent RFC is enjoying a resurgence with the First team currently topping the UBL
Division 2C table, and the Club’s Second, Third and Under 20 teams, competing successfully in their respective competitions. The very active youth’s section of the
Club continues to attract large numbers to Rosbrien every Sunday morning.
Donations to the Old Crescent RFC Land Purchase Fund can be made by contacting Pat Monaghan, Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee at 086­1719618 and Further details on how to donate are available at

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