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Limerick’s ‘Ron’ is a tower of strength in Caymen’s side

FORMER Shannon forward, Ronan MacMahon, continues to make the news in the Caymen Islands as their international squad prepares for their away clash with Bermuda on Saturday. Fresh from a 35-14 win over Mexico, ‘Ron’ and his team will be hoping to make a winning start in this round one fixture. Mungret’s Ronan is a very popular member of the Caymen side, if their pen pictures to the build-up for the game is anything to go bye. It reads: “Ron, the towering colossus in the front row, is as formidable as a leprechaun guarding his pot of gold on the rugby field. Hailing from the land of shamrocks and shenanigans, Ron’s love for the game is only surpassed by his affinity for a perfectly poured pint of Guinness and a bag of crispy Tayto’s.

“Standing tall and proud, Ron is a gentle giant with a heart as big as his appetite for post-match snacks. He’s the kind of guy who’d give you the  skin off his back, but only if you promise not to spill your drink on it. A die-hard Munster fan, Ron’s loyalty to his team is matched only by his dedication to knowing every single rugby law, so don’t even think about sneaking in a cheeky infringement on his watch!

“Recently hitched, Ron’s other half is the undisputed leader of the WAGs group, adding a touch of glamour to his otherwise rugged persona. And while he may not be the most nimble player on the field, his presence in the scrum is like trying to move a stubborn donkey . . . impossible!

“Off the field, Ron is a walking embodiment of Irish hospitality, always ready with a smile and a round of drinks for his mates. He’s the life of the party, the guy you want on your team, and the one you definitely don’t want to mess with in the scrum. In a sport filled with characters, Ronan MacMahon is the pot of gold at the end of the rugby rainbow—a true legend both on and off the pitch.”

Not much more we can say about that!!! Other countries competing in the region, but hardly household names in the world of rugby, are Quatar, India, Cyprus, Malta, Norway, Andorra, Moldova, Bulgaria, Kazakhst and Shri Lanka.

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